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AFI 'Burials'


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Releasing October 22nd.


First two tracks are a massive improvement over anything off Crash Love IMO.


Especially "I Hope You Suffer", which I really think is one of the hardest songs they've ever recorded (as in heavy, not difficulty).



"17 Crimes" has such an obvious and strong The Cure influence, which is nothing new to AFI or their fans.


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Exactly the same was as what? This is one of the most evolved bands I've ever encountered. Go listen to anything off the Answer That record, then listen to this and tell me this is the same band.


Yeah, but that's from what year... mid-nineties? That's absolutely a big sway, but this work isn't that much different from Sing The Sorrow and the time they finally found a mainstream audience. There's just something about their sound, but also this sound in general, that strikes me as outdated.


Like I said, it's not bad, I can't criticize them for much, but it just doesn't feel moved on for a while now. (Okay, and Crash Love was just awful.)

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I think this is a bit of a throwback to Sing the Sorrow, but even Decemberunderground was a drastic sound for them. They got criticized heavily for the VNV Nation influence that saw them add so much synth to their sound on that album. Crash Love was horrid. Total flop.


I really dig the "I Hope You Suffer" track.

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