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10 Things You Need to Know Before Going to a Pop-Culture Covention


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I made this list because after attending my first convention, I realized I could of done a myriad of things differently.

The post refers to Fan Expo, but the points I'm making are pretty universal.


1. Buy online-advance tickets




The line up for same-day tickets is nuts. Even if you are at the box office before it opens, you will still be waiting in a huge line. Save your self the headache and purchase ahead of time. For those attending this weekend however, its already too late.


2. Go For One Day


Unless there are panels, signings, or stars on separate days that you just can't miss; one full-day will suffice. You can see and experience everything else in less than ten hours.

If I had come back another day the magic would have been gone.

Frankly, I'd of been bored.


3. Pack Only the Essentials


One thing conventions are known for is "swag". That in con speak means "free stuff".

This is a pretty well known fact, and it may have you scrambling for a ginormous bag.




You will be handed more bags than you will know what to do with.

These totes are more than able to carry your days haul around.


Fan Expo is great at a lot of things, but there are two areas its terrible at; temperature & food. Though it may be summer, the temperature inside the hall is unpredictable. One hall may have the A.C. cranked, where as another may be a sauna. The fact is you won't know, so wear something light and pack some warmer clothes.


Another thing you will need to pack is food. Unless you are okay with over priced and sloppy fast food, bring a lunch. After eating some of the priciest, greasiest pizza or hot dogs the show has to offer, you will be ready to go home.


4. Wear Deodorant and Comfortable Shoes



You don't have to bathe in cologne or perfume, just freshen up those pits. Also you will be on your feet, a lot. It doesn't matter if your patrolling the lanes, or standing in line. If you wear comfortable shoes, your feet will thank you.


These gatherings are infamous for stinky peeps and sore feet and you have the power to bring change.


G5. Go With Friends


Conventions have lines, its just the way things go. While you can have a great time at the show, as I did , but you will have more fun with your friends. Those two hour waits can be brutal, but at least if you have friends you can help the time pass quicker. Not to mention there is a level of geekdom impossible to reach without

co-op play. Its a giltch in the matrix.



6. Buy Something, But Not Everything



There's a lot of cool stuff to buy on the floor. There is also a lot of stuff you don't need. Its easy to get caught up in the moment. Every person you pass is carrying something interesting and you should too, just don't get carried away. Your nostalgia may try to convince you I'm wrong. Trust me though, you don't need an ALF mug.


7. Remember Cosplay Etiquette



You will see thousands of cosplayers. Both men and women get involved, and some of which are downright incredible. They are at the show for you, as much as you are there for them. If asked politely they will pose for you & with you, but you have to ask. Furthermore if male or female cosplayer agrees to pose with you for a photo it is their discretion as to whether you are allowed to touch them. Too often fans put their hands on hips, shoulders, and other places they don't belong. It may be okay, but it may not. Just ask.


8. Visit Smaller Booths


Don't spend the whole day at all the big name booths. They may be displaying some of the most known properties at the convention, but you will miss out on the human element. Take for example the Playstation 4 booth. All the assistants at the display knew what things were on paper, but thats it. They had no interest in the Playstation 4, it was just a job. They regurgitated the same bullet points at nausea, but its a thinly veiled facade.


Swing by an independent creator or retailer. Talk to them, get to know about their business. They'll be eager to share anything they can about their projects. Best of all is that typically these smaller vendors have little to no line up.


9. Take Breaks



There is so much to see and do, hours seem to melt away. Make a point of taking a break. Remind yourself to grab a seat, hydrate, and importantly visit the restrooms. You don't want to wait in line for one hour only to lose your spot or worse yet pee your pants.


10. Have fun


It seems obvious, but its true. You are there to see the things you love, and love the things you see. Don't let a line budder, or a stinky Steve ruin your experience. For one day just get caught up in the moment. Smile and have fun.




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