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170k Watch - Deep Space


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"A year of dreaming, philosophizing, reflecting on the human condition. Trapped in the 4 dimensions of space and time. Free in those 4 dimensions of space and time. Fascinated by outer space and the actual and fictional exploration of space, outer space is a big part of Vianney's dreams, but as a watchmaker the 4th dimension, time has, of course, a special meaning."


Now we have it, the 4 dimensions in a watch.

The stunning new Deep Space, 3-axis tourbillon in a domed glass that reminds us of the dome of the heavens above us. A long look under the dome and I have memories of being in planetariums and under the stars. The time is indicated by highly curved fingers reaching up to the heavens. The design is resolutely astronomic but still retains that destinctive Vianney Halter flavour.


The movement was developed in house by Vianney. The balance frequency is 21,600 vph, the tourbillon cage turns once in 40 seconds, the crossbar once in 6 minutes and the cradle holding it all once in 30 minutes. Note that these frequencies were chosen extra to have the time not explicitely locked to the place. Time is the 4th independent dimension and none of the hands turn at the same rate as any of the tourbillon axles.


The movement has 41 jewels, is manual minding with two barrels, the power reserve 55 hours. The titanium case is 46mm in diameter and 10mm thick (without the dome), the overall thickness is 20mm.



Looks pretty awesome

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