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ABC Picks up 'Marvel?s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'


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First promo released:






Coulson definitely takes center stage (obviously, people will want to know what happened to him post-Avengers), and we see the series will take viewers around the world and on action-packed adventures. All that in a 32 second ad. Imagine what a full trailer will bring!




As a total comic nerd who grew up on Marvel, this has me pretty excited.


Whedon was the screenplay / story writer behind The Avengers, and is also handling The Avengers 2, so this should fall right in line with that same witty style.


I'm also kinda curious, since they seem to be focusing on Agent Coulson, how they'll handle the aftermath of The Avengers movie with regard to the show since he obviously died in the movie (sorry, but you should have seen it by now, and it's a minor "spoiler" anyway). Do they run this pre-Avengers movie, or post? Or does the Avengers movie not have anything to do with this?

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