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Skunk's dumbass question for the day!


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At the professional level, and some other leagues/teams, players, other than the goalies, must wear identical uniforms.


The NHL even goes so far as to say what color laces, visors, and tape (shin pads) you can use.




Smart answer to a dumb question!



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Since my son is a forward, why could he not get a cool paint job done on his helmet? Why do only goalies get to have all the fun?


Have him play for Trinidad & Tobago. They tie-die their shit.





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Yo Skunk, how old is your kid? He looking at colleges yet?



He is a junior and yes we are looking and I am also doing extra driving time getting him ice time. He is about as far as he can go with roller blade so I'm getting him to the next level. He helped me out a lot by getting a 29 on his first act test, good score and he knows he can get it even higher! In the 30's on that test then I can get him in free at any college and then I can just ask the coach to just let him go to practice and they can take it from there!



I know, laugh at rollerBlade all you want but all his life he has played on a 1/3 size rink where everyone is always on top of everyone, so I know my Son will not take a backseat to very few as far as stick work or shots! Since he went from roller blade to then now ice I am really happy on how he skates on ice.

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