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What did you learn today?

Ranger Lothbrok

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You know how people say you learn something new everyday? I thought it would be a neat idea for people to post those kinds of random, huh-I-didn't-know-that type facts in a thread. My intention is not to have people come on here after a game and say, "I learned that Gilroy sucks" or something like that. Rather, if you learn something cool that you didn't know before, share it!


I'll get the ball rolling. I was confused about the concept of water softeners. I always dump the bag of salt pellets in to the tank, but I couldn't help but wonder: how does dumping salt in to our water supply make the water "soft"? And why, if the water runs through it, doesn't the water become salty after going through the process? Turns out that there's actually beads in the water softener that contain negatively charged ions. When the water softener runs a cycle, the beads are actually soaked in the water/salt brine mix, and the positively charged sodium ions bond to the negatively charged beads. Then, when the calcium and magnesium ions (they stuff that builds up in the pipes that you use CLR to remove and make the water "hard") in the water pass through the beads, they swap places with the sodium ions and boom: softened water. Minimal sodium actually gets added to the water.


So did you learn anything new today?

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