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The Promo/Hype/Pump Up Video From Last Season?


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Ha. Its just bugging me so much.


All my families homes were pretty much destroyed. My fathers, sisters and mothers houses have to be gutted and rebuilt. They all will have to find somewhere to live for 6 months to a year or longer. We lost everything but what survived on the second story of my fathers house. I've written this before, but in total 3 houses, I think 8 cars, and my fathers business. Honestly, I try not to think about it because as much as I try to distance myself from being emotional about this, it is such a tragic event for us and I'm not exactly sure what the plan is right now moving forward. Everyone is safe and healthy... and seem to be in good spirits... and everyone here and home who knows about it has been very supportive.... which is great. Sometimes it's crazy to think about things like this... but my family has lived in that area for over 25 years and never had an issue like this.... and just 2 or so weeks after I moved halfway across the world this happens... and I can be absolutely no help to anyone.

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