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Roy Bates, Leader of the Principality of Sealand, Dies


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I had not heard of this guy until today. What a hero. He had his own country out of pure rebellion and when a business partner invaded his country, he came back and took care of them as prisoners of war, causing the German and British government to send diplomats, which he then used to claim that was the de fact recognition of Sealand. Fucking brilliant.


Where most people saw a crumbling, rust-stained hunk of concrete and steel, Paddy Roy Bates saw a kingdom.


Bates, who has died aged 91, occupied an abandoned wartime fort in the North Sea and declared it the sovereign Principality of Sealand, with its own passports, flag, anthem and stamps ? and himself as its monarch.


What began as a swinging 60s attempt to set up a radio station became a micro-state that is still going strong more than 45 years later ? although it has not been recognized by any government.


Today, Sealand makes money by selling aristocratic titles and hosting Internet servers.


Michael Bates remembered his father as a "huge, huge character."


"How many people do you know that are discussed by governments and prime ministers?" Michael Bates said. "The history is absolutely amazing."


Source: http://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/prince-roy-sealand-roy-bates-dead-91-17442405#.UHYUslG63eA


This what the "country" looks like:




Here is the location:




And here's the whole history and story: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Principality_of_Sealand


You know what. He might've been a little crazy, but this a bad ass story. This what little boys dream of in their threehouses or their cabin in the woods. To have your own country, make your own rules, live in your own little world. I think that's awesome and I applaud this guy. He was 91 when he died this week and he made the most of all those years.


Roy Bates, you ruled.

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