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quick release

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Anyone have experience with timeshares, particularly getting rid of one? My folks have one with RCI that's based on points. Although transferable, it's based at Shawnee in the Poconos. It costs money every year to maintain and we haven't been able to use it.. Options for getting rid of it seem to be PAYING someone to take it, which seems crazy to me.


All else fails, is there interest here on the board for a really nice spot at Shawnee for a week some time?

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Where exactly (what resort)?

When does it have to be used?

Do they just want to give it up this upcoming year, or forever?


I'll find out details and post them later. It's literally right at Shawnee though.. I don't know if it is peak season however we have so many points now that I think it can be switched. My mother actually ended up with it in hers and my father's divorce.. it was made out to be an asset and now it seems like an actual liability. Maybe this year, but also looking at getting rid of it forever possibility depending on what that would entail. Send me a PM if you're interested one way or another. Or if you just have some insight, that's fine too.. thanks!

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