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Yahoo! news.... LOL


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Everyone knows Yahoo! news is terrible.. but they just reached an all new low regarding journalism. I took a screenshot and excerpts from the article are below.


Notice the AT&T story headline... and the profanity filled article (written by someone else but re-posted by Yahoo!). Whatever editor allowed this to be published just got fired.




It’s no secret that AT&T (T) is a terrible wireless carrier — just ask anyone who uses, or has used AT&T. Its calls drop, data is unusable in any location with more than four wireless subscribers within a square mile, and it nickel and dimes every single fucking thing. You know what set me off though? The fact that AT&T is limiting FaceTime over cellular and making subscribers switch to a new shared data plan if they want to use it. It was bad enough AT&T brazenly charges you a fee if you want to use the data you pay for on another device via tethering, but now AT&T is trying to control just what you can and can’t do with your own data, which you pay for every month, down to the specific application.


FaceTime over cellular should have happened long ago, but now that Apple is finally introducing it, AT&T goes and fucks it up for everyone — just like it messed up tethering, and just like it screwed people over on SMS plans. Well guess what? I cannot wait to buy a next-generation iPhone on Verizon with LTE and tell AT&T to go screw themselves after being enslaved to them, and spending way over $50,000 with them in service fees since I originally signed up. Peace.




Some of the comments are gold.

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