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Once Upon A Time


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Whatever the reason, the result was a premiere that scored a 3.9 rating among viewers between the ages of 18 and 49, by far the best number for a new drama this year, besting shows like “Terra Nova” on Fox (a 3.1) and “Person of Interest” on CBS (also a 3.1)
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What is it about? Short summary. ;)


Pretty much all about fairy tale characters.


Start off with Snow White and the prince having a baby, and a dark witch comes to fulfill a prophecy to banish all the "good" fairy tale characters into pretty much "hell" if you want to interpret it that way, you'll have to see it.


And it's up to the baby to save them.


It's hard for us 1st episode viewers to really explain it because I'm a bit confused after the 1st episode, but there are plot summaries on the website although they are pretty long and give away a lot of info.

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Best thing to do is watch the 1st episode, it's not a long episode. If you like it, continue :) if not, then don't haha.


Being that the directors made Lost, that appeals to me in its own way.


But the fact that I read almost every fairy tale when I was younger appeals to me the most. It brings my childhood back

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