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[Non-Forum Related] Fantasy Football


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Keeper league, need to decide who to keep.

Can't keep a player 2 years in a row, so most of the top guys should be back in the draft.


TD ONLY league, 16 teams.

Need to Keep 1:

Reggie Wayne

Tony Romo


Romo will put up more points, but with a bunch of QBs going back into the draft pool, I'd have a good chance to snag a QB in the first round. So, not sure I'd want to keep Romo and then draft a Peyton or Brady in the first round. I'm sure both Wayne and Romo would be on the board at my pick (thinking I'm around pick 10-12)

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yeah im in two keeper leagues also we are eligible to keep one player in the 5th round or later, one league is $400 where i have these potential keepers


Antonio Gates-5th Round

Matt Cassel-15th round

Kenny Britt-16th Round

BenJarvis Green Ellis-16th Round(picked up as FA)


other league which is $250 i have


Antonoio Gates-5th Round

Matt Ryan-5th Round

Darren McFadden-9th round

Percy Harvin-11th round


Idk who to keep in the 400 league were leaning towards Cassel or Britt, and the other league were most likely keeping McFadden since he will likely be a top 15 pick, and i get him in the 9th round which is a steal

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Kept Wayne.


So, a bunch of guys were bitching about the draft. It was changed to non-snake.

Then they were bitching about order, so it got set to random...


So who do I take with the FIRST PICK in a TD only league???

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I dont have 1. only keep 1 player.


Kept by others - Foster, Johnson, Turner, Tolbert, Hillis, Rice

QBs Kept - Eli, Rodgers, Vick, Ryan, Schaub, Bradford

Others - Nicks, Gates, Wayne (me)... somehow I'm still missing 1 guy. I think someone was keeping a DST

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looks like a good RB available could be Jamaal Charles.

And Idk about first overall, but what about Darren McFadden? I feel like with the way the rest of their offense is set up, and with Raiders hiring Al Saunders to run the O (he ran the Chiefs offense in the dominant Holmes/Johnson years), DMc could have a huge year

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help me out my draft is sunday should i keep Gates and lose a 5th round pick or should i keep Britt or Cassel and lose a 16th?


None of the players listed will still be on the board during their respective rounds.

But, I'd be more likely to bet that Cassel is still around in the 5th, and Gates would not be. Gates is the top TE. Add V. Jackson back (he did sign with SD, right?) and Gates will have a bit more room this season. I say keep Gates. Gates or Cassel wont hurt you. I'm not sold on Britt, yet.

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Having Reggie Wayne doesn't change that?


Not really. Brady threw for 36 TD last year with a new receiver out every week and welker missing a couple of weeks. Add Welker back into the mix and add Ochocinco, and he could become a 45 TD QB.

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