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Happy 70th birthday, Bob Dylan!


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Today marks the 70th birthday of legendary singer and songwriter Bob Dylan. Born as Robert Zimmerman in could Minnesota on May 24th 1941, but famous and infamous as the man behind many of the worlds greatest songs. Sang by himself, done by others, his work is beyond amazing and his neverending tour - started in 1982 and still going strong - is nothing short of fantastic.


I had the honour of seeing him perform in a pretty small Madison, Wisconsin venue last year and I choked up when I heard him play Like A Rolling Stone and All Along The Watchtower. It was a show and a chance to never forget. Like A Rolling Stone, a song that marked the use of electrical guitar in rock songs and that broke the barrier of the old 60s sound for a new sound, closer to our rock.




Bob, old man with modern visions and wonderful dreams, I salute you. Happy birthday and keep on rockin'! :cool:


Any other Dylan appreciators on this board? What's your favorite song and why? Or do you hate him and, if so, why?

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seen him live twice.


first time i saw him at a minor league baseball stadium in new jersey. Willie Nelson opened for him, amazing show


2nd time i saw him was at jones beach and it was terrible. did not even play like a rolling stone, just all new stuff


I saw him back in '05ish. Terrible. I was so disappointed. I stayed semi-coherent for it. Awful idea. It really sounded like he was dying before us.

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