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Thread: 'Stranger Things 3' on Netflix

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karan View Post
    Just finished ST3. Overall pretty enjoyable season but it felt a bit rushed towards the end and could've used 10 episodes. As always, the 80s theme was spot on throughout. I personally felt the storyline this season lacked some originality but I can live with that.

    Main disappointment for me was how they wrote some of the male characters this season compared to before. Especially Hopper, he was played as bit of a senile goof this season. The other male characters too, particularly Lucas, Mike, Jonathan and Steve, they really played them down this season and made them almost appear narrowminded and foolish, presumably in an effort to boost the female characters.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Long live the King View Post
    Puberty makes teenagers and their parents go crazy.
    Boys, especially.
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