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Thread: Quick Hits: Eyes on the Prize

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    Quick Hits: Eyes on the Prize

    Sweet ‘n Sauer

    As brief as it was, how great was it seeing Michael Sauer again? And how poetic that his appearance occurred the same night Dion Phaneuf—the man responsible for ending Sauer’s NHL career—was traded to the Los Angeles Kings. That feel-good moment would instantly become a feel-good story were we to learn the Rangers have employed him again, perhaps as a scout, but in all likelihood, he was just visiting for the night given his St. Cloud roots. Regardless, it's nice to know he's alive and well since falling off the grid in the months and years following that horrific collision with Phaneuf.

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    You're actually advocating a Kovalchuk signing? Interesting.. Considering this team wants to get younger and faster, I don't see the benefit of using cap space on him unless he comes cheap. The young bucks will need leadership and Kovalchuk never struck me as much of a leader.

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    Yet he's worn a letter for every team he's ever played for.

    I am, though. Especially if someone like Nash might return in free agency. The Rangers will need another offensive weapon because Nash can't be relied on to be that guy anymore. Adding Kovalchuk significantly boosts the Rangers' offensive potential, and I'd love to see him playing next to Chytil. Also, younger and faster is the goal, but it's not a hill to die on. Exceptions can, and should, be made if a player offers a wealth of other talents despite not being the fleetest of foot.

    In other words, given the opportunity to sign Kovalchuk to a one-year, bonus-laden deal or sign a faster player who might give you 20 goals, I'm probably signing Kovalchuk.
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