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Spartacus: Blood and Sand & Gods of the Arena


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Ah, that's bad news brown right there. Whenever a show makes it to Instant that quickly it usually means it bombed.


No, it was on instant the whole time it was airing. I guess they wanted to make it available to people who don't have Starz, maybe a promo to get folks to order the channel.


Blood and Sand was better than Gods of the Arena, but both were good. It sucks because the guy who played Spartacus got cancer, went into remission, and now regressed. Shame for him. Now they have to find a new guy (I think they did already) and it won't air again until 2012.

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Wow, really? I've never heard of anyone doing that.


I'll have to check it out —*gonna have to watch when Kris isn't around, though — she won't watch it, and if I put it on she'll bitch.


You can watch on your computer LOL.

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