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Devils Acquire Timo Meier From Sharks

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Trying to piece all the tweets together.


It seems like the return is:


1st 2023

1st 2024 (conditional)

Fabian Zetterlund

Andreas Johnsson

Shakir Mukhamadullin

Nikita Ohkotiuk


That's not nothing, but the Devils are so stupidly prospect-rich at D that it doesn't hurt them at all.



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I find it hard to believe the Devils do this without some high degree of confidence they will re-sign Meier, and I find it hard to believe Meier re-signs at Jack Hughes' number or less if the rumor was true about them wanting Hughes to remain the highest paid Devil on the team for now. It will be interesting to see how the rest of this unfolds.

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TBH, using some current/former Rangers names as equivalent-ish values:


2023 1st

2024 1st cond.

Mukhamadullin = Nils Lundkvist

Johnsson = Sammy Blais

Nikita Ohkotiuk = Matthew Robertson

Zetterlund = don't have much of an equivalent but former 3rd round pick who has 28 points in 59 games between last year and this year, 39 pt 82 game pace. It's not nothing. We'd probably all be talking 'bout that potential.


Johnsson is a throw in, but the rest is very solid. Pretty nice return for the Sharks.

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