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Canes-Habs Is the League's Fastest-Rising Rivalry


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If you didn't click the link in time:


The site featured a banner photo with the word "YES" in bold letters. Underneath were two links to buy two Hurricanes player T-shirts: One for center Sebastian Aho, whom the Canadiens unsuccessfully attempted to sign away from Carolina with a free-agent offer sheet in 2019; and one for forward Jesperi Kotkaniemi, whom the Hurricanes poached from Montreal via an offer sheet last offseason. The shirts were on sale for $20 - which is Aho's number and Kotkaniemi's signing bonus - for anyone using the promo code "oui."

Why the site is down:


The first deployment of the website trolling was a hit. But then an unexpected incident ended the fun early: DidTheHabsLose.com was hacked overnight, and transformed into an anti-Hurricanes website. Carolina owner Tom Dundon called Forman on Friday morning to ask him if was an actual hack or if the marketing team had put that up there as part of the bit.

"No, we were actually hacked," said Forman, laughing. "Honestly, it's just gaining more traction because of it."


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this round of marketing is so much better than the minor league goofball shit. and it’s especially great to see them sticking it to the pearl clutching fiefdom. I’m down here in the Carolinas though and honestly haven’t seen or heard a peep about it locally. it’s a fun hockey story but hockey’s always a fucking afterthought here unless you’re from somewhere else. 

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The Hurricanes' social media troll game is on point. The rivalry is really fun to follow on and off the ice. It's not surprising it doesn't get much attention locally, but I guess that isn't too surprising. I'd still be disappointed, though, seeing as how they're trying to have a little fun and get themselves out there more.

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