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House of the Dragon


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Fire and blood are on their way in House of the Dragon, HBO's Game of Thrones prequel about the Targaryen dynasty. HBO is adding more cast members to join Paddy Considine as King Viserys — Olivia Cooke, Emma D’Arcy, and Matt Smith. HBO also recently unveiled a first look at the the show's dragons via two concept art images.


Winter already came and went on Game of Thrones, which concluded its eight-season run in May 2019. HBO wanted to follow up on the biggest show in its history, so the network began developing five potential Game of Thrones spinoffs. They move forward with one: House of the Dragon.


Then, HBO made a surprise announcement that it had gone ahead and ordered 10 episodes of House of the Dragon. The series is based on George R.R. Martin's fantasy novel "Fire & Blood," which chronicles the House of Targaryen's rule, beginning with Aegon I Targaryen's conquest of Westeros some 300 years before the events of Game of Thrones.


Writer Ryan Condal (Colony) and Game of Thrones veteran director Miguel Sapochnik will serve as co-showrunners. Sapochnik directed blockbuster Game of Thrones episodes, including Hardhome, The Long Night and the Emmy-winning Battle of the Bastards.


"My guess is sometime in 2022," HBO President of Programming Casey Bloys told Deadline in January 2020. "Obviously it’s a big, complicated show."


Production is set to begin in April, according to Casey Bloys, chief content officer at HBO and HBO Max.


If it's anywhere near as complicated as Game of Thrones, consider this: Season 8 required nine months of filming, then took nine months until its premiere. If House of the Dragon follows a similar timeline, then we're looking at a release date circa March or April 2022. That would actually make a lot of sense, since almost every season of GOT premiered in those months.



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I really want to care about this, but I haven't even thought about the franchise since GoT ended. I've accepted that TWoW is never coming, nor TPoS. And at this rate, knowing how the series more or less ends just killed it for me. As much as I dislike Weiss and Benioff for how the series ended, I've grown to dislike GRRM for leading us to this point. I understand wanting to work on other stuff, but he really just let his magnum opus go.


And while I understand this new series exists separate from GoT, I guess I'm just kind of over it. /rant

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Just now, Sharpshooter said:

LOL It would be great if he did finish the books, though. But, he's been busy between helping finish the HBO series, doing this and also writing for the Elden Ring video game.

Its pretty obvious he has no idea how to finish the books. I think he was hoping HBO/DD would do it for him and he would just piggy back off what they did/make it better but I honestly think it just made it harder for him since it was such a shit ending. This is his magnum opus and he just cant find the time to finish it? give me a break.

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2 hours ago, Sharpshooter said:

LOL It would be great if he did finish the books, though. But, he's been busy between helping finish the HBO series, doing this and also writing for the Elden Ring video game.

He isn't actually doing anything on the Elden Ring games rn. He helped the original concept (which I believe is in the Souls universe) but hasn't put any active work in it lately.


I wish I could give a shit about this, but D&D destroyed an entire franchise with that final season of GoT. I've never seen a pair give less of a shit and destroy millions upon millions in untapped potential with sheer laziness. I may watch this in a binge session once it's all out, but I will not be excited to watch every week.

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