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The phantom facemask call was just brutally bad!  But Jesus, the offsides on the late interception just stings to high hell.  I'm not even gonna get into the unsportsmanlike on the running back for taunting after a 25 yard gain.

Sorry fellas...I was pulling for you guys.  I needed that win to put the Chiefs in dumpster for this season in the AFC West.

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4 hours ago, G1000 said:

We won a game! 

Sorry @Ozzy, we win the day!

Carr just didn't have it today.  He goes through those kinda "bad decisions" periods. Missed a TD late in the first half on an over thrown ball, pick 6 and a blind side fumble that he could've unloaded.

Kudos to your G men, G man!!  😃

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I had the Giants in my office "pick 'em all" this week getting 10 1/2, and I gotta say that rooting for Daniel Jones is like trying to pull my fucking bottom lip over my head!!! 

I know my Raiders suck a horse's sweaty nut bag, but holy shit!!!  ....that Giants offensive line?? 

stinky simon rex GIF by Simon Rex / Dirt Nasty

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23 hours ago, Shane Falco said:

About fargin’ time. Mara should have fired him last season. Please get someone who understands how teams are built now. 

The Giants are kind of like what would happen if you put a tribe of chimpanzees in charge of the US Armed Forces. Doesn't matter how much firepower you have if you don't know how to use  it.

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41 minutes ago, Vodka Drunkenski said:

Joe Judge is staying, this organization is a clown show, worse than the Jets at this point.  What GM would come into this dumpster fire, knowing he has to keep the head coach in place? 


Wait, what?!?!?!  They wanna bring in a new GM, and they're MAKING the new GM keep the current coach???  Seriously???


My first question is "why?", and my next would be, what GM would wanna take the job knowing full well the coach is being scrutinized as much as Judge has this past season?

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