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The College Football Thread

Abe Froman

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  • 2 years later...

What a playoff this is shaping up to be this year.  Likely to not have Alabama, OSU, nor Clemson.  Rooting hard for Iowa, Georgia, and Baylor next weekend.  Houston beating Cincinnati would be icing on the cake too.  Either way, I am happy with the outcome of this season for ND.  This was supposed to be a retooling season.  Most were saying a 3-4 loss season would have been a good outcome due to all the talent the Irish lost from last year.  To go 11-1 and have an outside chance at the CFP and if not then a guaranteed spot in a NY6 bowl is just amazing.  

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For what its worth, the LSU jet was in South Bend 2 or 3 weeks ago so this isn't news to me.  However, there is also this little tidbit...


The longtime coach of the Irish was part of an early list of candidates the Tigers reached out too but didn't get much in terms of a positive response. 

Sports Illustrated's Pat Forde has reported that LSU has been "trying to make it happen" with Kelly but haven't received reciprocation from Kelly's end.


He also gave a presser last week along the lines of what Mike Tomlin said.  Basically stating he isn't going anywhere without major $$$$ tossed at him.  There are very few schools that could compete with ND financially, LSU is not one of them lol.

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