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TBL Trade F J.T. Miller to VAN for Conditional 2020 1st, 2019 3rd, G Marek Mazanec

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Because he's a good hockey player, despite what you read here.


Agreed. He was actually one of the better Bolts in their playoff flop this year. Still, a good return for the Bolts considering the cap space they are opening. I'm only worried that with Cally and JT both gone, the Bolts may feel the need to restock on Rangers. I'd rather deal with someone else!

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I really don't get the JT hate. Just because he had that look of a dick doesn't mean he's a bad player lol

He's a 45-55 point player that usually can pot about 20 goals and bang bodies and pk as well. If he's overpaid, it's not by that much. I actually think he would have fit in well with the current Rangers staff and team.

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Vancouver is desperate. I don't think it's easy attracting top talent there. They're never a player on the top end of the market.


I saw Koshan (I think) say in The Sun that if it they fail to make playoffs in the next two years, it won't be Benning's problem as he'll be toast anyways.

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i dont either. not disputing miller's talent but questioning why vancouver felt they had to give up so much for a team that's in cap hell.


figures tampa get's cally off on ltir, and actually salary dumps miller for a 1st and more. stupid canucks.

It's possible there were multiple teams in on Miller. I think they overpaid, but it isn't like other cap dumps where a player is 35 and no longer effective. Miller is in his prime and under contract.

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On a reasonable contract, even. But, it's still a big overpay. There's a rwasonable chance it ends up being 5th overall.

There's just as reasonable a chance that its 22nd in 2021. VAN is lottery protected in next year's draft, it's pretty low risk, as far as first-rounders go.

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