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NSH Trades PK Subban to NJD for Santini, Davis, Two 2nd-Round Picks


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For half price? Good deal


Bob McKenzie says no salary retention. Still a good deal for Devils. Granted it's a big cap hit, but if he were a UFA, you'd have to go longer than three years, and they will be done with him at age 33, which will be just about right. It will take about two years for him to wear out his welcome, so they'll just have to contend with him for one when he's a problem. Second rounders are nothing for a guy like this. Everyone thought Nashville won the Suban-Weber trade when it was made. Now, not so much.

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Not sure what to make of that trade. Subban is older but a total banger. Dev's did not give up much that I can see, but why go for an older injury prone defenseman?


What do you guys think?


He’s 30, which isn’t old for a d-man. If he stays healthy, you have a guy that will anchor your pp and give you 45 points on the back end. For 2 seconds? Seems like a steal.

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Absolute steal by the Devs. Thought Subban was working well with Nashville??


Need the cap space for Josi and help up front.

They’ll be fine. Look at a list of defensemen they’ve had the last decade plus.

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