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Kyle Dubas: No Guarantee Maple Leafs Would Match Mitch Marner Offer Sheet

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VANCOUVER — Should Mitch Marner sign an offer sheet in the coming weeks, there’s no guarantee it would automatically be matched by the Toronto Maple Leafs.


That was the revelation from Kyle Dubas following a meeting of NHL general managers here Thursday — the surest sign yet of how real these negotiations now are.


On one hand, it’s easy to understand where Dubas is coming from. The Leafs are being pinched big time by the salary cap, with less than $7.5-million in available space (on an anticipated $81.5-million ceiling for 2019-20) and some holes to be patched along with players signed.


And, theoretically, Marner could sign a contract carrying an AAV for twice the amount of cap space the team has remaining.


It’s reasonable to assume there is a number that is simply too large for Toronto to match and still field a competitive team — one that would make the four first-round picks as compensation seem like the most appealing option.


"I think we’re at the point now where we can speak openly about it," said Dubas. "I think it would really depend on any of the players. It’s not just one guy — we’ve got a number of them — and if there were an offer sheet we would look at what they are, and what the compensation is for our team, and make the decision based off of that.


"I think they’re all very important players for us and it’s our intention that they’re all here for as long as we can possibly keep them. But if the dollar amount doesn’t make sense both in terms of our internal economics, and the marketplace, and the compensation is such, it’s going to be a decision on our end as to what we do."






tempting to do this, but you'd probably have to be o.k. giving them the 4 1sts.


The article however drips a bit of "I'd like to see you try it"

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