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Vesey Could Be The Odd Man Out With Talented Youngsters on the Way


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Well Grabner-Hayes is better than anything Colorado has outside of their top line.


16 of 34 assists and 4 of 13 goals were on the PP, fewer than 20 of his points didn't include, Kucherov, Point, Stamkos, or Johnson.


That's statistically inaccurate, if you compare the seasons I mentioned.


That said, Miller is probably getting you 50 points no matter where he goes. He didn't automatically go to TB and have to be propped up. If anything, he underperformed.

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Vesey is 6'3"? He is the smallest 6'3" I've ever seen. He also plays like he's 5'9"


Seriously Kev, you're right! Dude plays like a pansy. I think he has it in him, but the will seemingly just isn't there. AV couldn't get it out of him, and it looks like Quinn is having the same result so far. Stands to reason it could be a reason we got him for nothing in the first place.

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Phil has a thoughtful article posted to Twitter (I cannot find the link, sorry.) that outlines the Vesey dilemma well. I think Vesey can raise his game and become a more valuable player both for our team or as a likely trade piece. Every team needs workhorses and Vesey can be that player.


let me know when you find it.













Dude - its the article in the first post of this thread. :rofl:

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Miller was one of the best players for TB in the playoffs. He set up so many beautiful plays that didn't get finished. As far as I'm concerned Vesey failed on so many levels this year. He played lazy hockey like his bro. His back checking was horrendous and he's failed on all levels since he signed here. Piss on him.
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