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David Quinn Opens up on Jump from College, Coaching Style and Rangers’ Development


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On the differences between coaching college and the NHL:


?Just the depths of the relationships you have with your players; the college feel, being around other sports, things of that nature. In college you?re the owner, president, GM and assistant GM, so it?s different here, there?s a lot of input and a lot of discussion and a lot of opinions. I think I manage that. The biggest jump going from college to the NHL is that piece of it, but I also think that?s what has made this transition so much easier for me is because of my relationships I have with the people I work with.


?It?s more hockey without all the other responsibilities I had at BU, like fundraising, making sure guys were going to school and staying out of trouble, plus there was the recruiting aspect that was almost non-stop. There?s a lot to those jobs.


?Here, the games are always so fast and furious, you?re always on, ?What?s next, how can I help us get better?? I?m still managing delegating. I?m someone who likes to do a lot on my own, not because I don?t trust other people but because that?s just my personality, so delegation is something I still need to work on to take some things off my plate.


?Again, I was fortunate to have a little bit of experience at this level so I knew what to expect, but there?s a little bit more hockey now than at school. It?s been everything I thought it was going to be and I?ve enjoyed it probably a little bit more than I thought.?


On the differences between the NHL of 2012-13 and today?s NHL:


?It?s not as physical, that?s for damn sure. And everybody frowns upon a practice. It stuns me that you go for 40 minutes and people act like it?s a marathon. What do people want me to do? They hired me to coach here. I?m not acting like Joe Tough Guy, but I?m not going to let things go; that?s how you get better. And I believe that?s what this team at this time needs.


?There are some days where I have to fight that and do hold back because that?s what the players need on a particular day. That goes against my personality, but I think I?ve done a good job of managing that. I know I?m push-push-push, so I?ve asked my staff and [GM] Jeff [Gorton] and [assistant GM] Chris [Drury] to let me know if I need to back off.


?The thing I like about this group is that they respond, or try to respond, to everything I ask. They?ve been really good that way.?


On his responsibility to develop young players and its impact on coaching to win games:


?Development is funny. Some people think that development is to throw a guy out there and let him play and let him play. But development getting experience and ice time, but it?s also learning what we?re going to need big picture, too. Fil Chytil went through a stretch where he was playing 10 minutes a night because that?s what he deserved. You don?t just give somebody something. There?s also a checklist in my mind when I?m handling these guys of, ?OK, what are your intentions?? I?m big on intentions.


?Are you making a mistake yet you had the right intentions and it just didn?t work, or is your mistake one because you had the wrong intentions? Is your work ethic what it needs to be? Is your preparation what it needs to be? It?s our responsibility as a staff of sending the message of what is acceptable and what?s not. That?s part of development. Letting them know they have to earn what they get is part of development. That?s one of my most basic principles.?



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One of the best side notes on having Quinn is not having to hear "at the end of the day " postgame.


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....and also that whole "rolling our 4 lines bullshit"!!!!


I'm liking Quinn too....the team sucks a drippy moose's ass, but Quinn I like.

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You need to be more specific. Is the team sucking the runny remnants from the moose's recent skat formation? Or is it just the morning dew that developed on the moose anus? Or maybe something more viscous like puss from a infected anal gland? Just wondering.


Actually yours sounds better, Brownie!!!! LOL

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