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James Dolan Weighs in on the Rangers? Current ?Course?


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?The stew has just gotten on the flame, so like everybody else, I?m waiting to see who we?re going to be,? Dolan told two reporters Monday after taking in his team?s practice in advance of Tuesday?s match against the Golden Knights. ?I?m very happy with our coach, he?s a teaching coach, a development coach who understands how to work with kids, bring their level up and build a team.


?I?m very happy with how the organization is organizing itself around development. We?re staying the course.?


?It shouldn?t surprise you too much,? he said of this slide. ?It?s an opportunity, though, to learn, especially for the kids. They?ll probably always remember this dip because it?s so dramatic. Hopefully we won?t see one again. This is part of the learning process.?


?I?m pleased that we?re following the strategy we agreed on,? Dolan said. ?I don?t want them lunging for the playoffs. Nobody?s job depends on whether we make the playoffs or not, although the team still believes we can make it.?


?None of my teams are going to tank. I?ll never tell a team to lose,? Dolan said. ?I think teams that tank are giving away something really big. I think they?re giving away that emotional development for the team. You can see how important that is.


?You have responsibility to the fans; fans pay for tickets and they deserve best game you can give them. That?s probably No. 1. But when you go in and tell a team, even if you?re just telling the coach, to lose the game, you?re dispiriting your team. That hurts more than getting a better draft pick helps. It?s hard to reignite the spirit of the team.?


?It?s still a development year, but the one thing with the team that shouldn?t be a surprise to anybody is that Hank can carry a team,? Dolan said, citing Henrik Lundqvist. ?I think our success up until this point is largely attributable to Hank, but that?s not what our plan is.

?Our plan, of course, is to stay with Hank but develop these kids and have a potent team besides the goalie. That?s coming along, but they?re young. The older guys, I think are contributing, but we?re not expecting to compete for a Stanley Cup this year.?



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He doesn’t need to do that. Anyone with eyes knows Hank is the only reason we’re not in last.


The headline scared me. The quotes stunned me. Let’s do this.


no, i'd say Hayes is part of that reason. Henrik might be the reason he never won the cup tho

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