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DET F Tyler Bertuzzi Will Face Supplemental Discipline for Sucker Punch from Bench


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Really - it's two more games than I expected from DOPS. In fact, I didn't even expect a hearing for this, but I forget that there are certain (almost) automatic suspensions and without looking up the history, I imagine interactions with players on the bench and players in play are strictly prohibited, a la jumping the bench to fight someone.


Yeah, Bertuzzi took his glove off.

Before that, Calvert speared him.

And before that, Larkin held Calvert's stick.


So, like I said before - a very odd series of events, but not upset about the outcome.


I know Matt Calvert's name for one reason and one reason only...


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I watched the TSN video again.



Calvert gets hit by Greene and his stick flails a bit and touches someone on the DET bench.

#27 and #41 grab Calvert's stick immediately as Calvert is regaining control over himself.

Calvert looks back at the bench and sees Bertuzzi (to the left of #41) who also sorta has his hand on Calvert's stick, but looks like he wasn't even aware of what was happening between Calvert and #27 and #41.

Calvert reacts and spears Bertuzzi. It wasn't until this point that Larkin was even involved, but he helps hold Calvert while Bertuzzi punches.


I'm completely fine with 2 games for Bertuzzi, but I'd also give Calvert a fine for the spear.

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