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Coyotes Owner Andrew Barroway Selling the Franchise; Plan is to Keep Team in AZ


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TORONTO, ON -- As the Arizona Coyotes continue their efforts of finding a new long-term home in the Phoenix area, work has been going on behind-the-scenes for months with respect to a change in the franchise?s ownership structure.


According to multiple league sources, Coyotes owner Andrew Barroway is close to finalizing a deal with at least one interested party. I?m told by one specific source they are still in the ?due diligence phase? with that party, and it?s unclear if any additional investors will be part of the equation.


It?s also unclear if Barroway will remain with the club in some capacity, either in a majority or minority role, though one league executive believes at best he?ll stay on as a minority owner.



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I cannot, for the life of me, understand why they are averse to moving.


Could open in Seattle next week, making money, no problem. Would deprive the owners of a expansion fee, but so what; it would be a profitable team and there also wouldn't be an expansion draft. After the VGK, makes no sense to keep a team in a crappy market when there's a great alternative. Imagine teams like the big road receipts cut they get in Vegas and aren't happy getting comparative pennies in places like AZ and Bklyn.

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