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Amanda Borges Also Not Returning to Rangers This Season


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Not saying it's a lock, but loo at hiw NSG operates. Based in part on a friend who worked occasionally for them, the retired players like getting some per diem for appearances. And it's probably cheaper than paying Duguay or anyone else a full salary. Expect a lot of retirees to be in some revolving chair of pre/post/between period things; Anson Carter, Brian Leetch, Adam Graves, others.


At a loss what they see in Al Trautwig. But clear they will never get rid of him.

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[emoji848] they're 2 of the most unbiased announcers in my unbiased opinion.

Time for sam to call it a career. Micheletti too for that matter. Listening to them you would think the rangers have won twenty consecutive cups


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They are complete homers like most teams announcers. Sam has completely lost it. He had a great career but his eyes maybe worse than John sterling.


Micheletti has a positive spin on every player no matter the situation or the obvious struggle. It would be nice if just once he called it as it is instead of how he’s told by msg management. When you watch every game you don’t need to hear someone tell you the opposite of what you’ve watched.


The letter was a surprise to a lot of fans but not those (like most here) who pay attention. For those who rely on Sam and joe to get the tenure of the team the letter was the first time they heard something was wrong.

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if i was running things there would have been more blood.


i'd have run Sam, Al, Lagreca (calls a game in a high falsetto) and Giv.


Move Kenny Al to TV, Put Anson between the benches or in Al's spot. As to radio, I'd keep

Maloney and hold open auditions for the next radio play by play job. Put that job out and you'd have a line of applicants from the garden down to the battery.


Hire a nice piece of cheesecake to do the puff pieces.

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