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Rangers/Flyers Preseason Game #2 ? 9/19/18 ? 7pm, MSG


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Chytil and DeAngelo are dominating the puck and looking very good. Everyone else is bleh. Keane's awareness and positioning are better than most of our NHL defenders, if not all.


What number is he?


Buch has looked confident in back to back games now which is a good sign. He might benefit most from a coaching change.

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Henrik in mid season slump form


Spare us the happy horseshit about The New Mask, stop the puck.At this point, rather he had a blank white mask and plain brown pads and gloves and stop the goddamn puck.


Namestikov talks like he grew up in Toronto. Did he come over at the age of 4?

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Keane is a re-entry, let’s slow down with the expectations


I know he was. But his analytics were top 5 for all defenseman in this draft and his skating is exceptional. I think he was voted best defenseman in his league too. There was a lot said about him after the pick was made and he has apparently been extremely impressive to management all camp, hence being on the top pair tonight.

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Maybe not shocking, but through two games I find myself being frustrated with the same three players as I did last year: Hayes, Vesey, and Skjei. The latter two being downright poor tonight.


Buch, TonyD stood out again. Hajek looked legit. Chytil was on the puck all night. Zib was solid. I'm liking most everything I've seen so far from the younger players.

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Henrik just seems permanently cranky and annoyed.


i expect a lot of cranky nights this season for lundqvist. hopefully the defensemen play improves, and lundqvist plays at an elite level. hopefully we’ve got a blueprint and are building for a better future

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