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Phrase/Term/Saying Your Parents Find Offensive That They Shouldn't


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Borrowing this from Sasky Stewart and expanding, slightly.


For me, it's the term atheist. No matter how many times I explain it, my mom can't help but hear "Satan," and inherently get offended at the notion.


Socialism is also another, at the moment, also only with my mom. As an avid FOX news watcher, she arches her back up like an alley cat the moment anyone mentions it, despite not really understanding just how many socialist policies she herself has taken advantage of. Doesn't stop her from taking offense, though. ?\_(ツ)_/?

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my wife, when my son calls her "dude". she takes it as if he's calling her names. she gets pretty pissed. its funny


Growing up, my mom used to get pissed when my sister said "chill" or "freakin'"



other than that, I can't think of my parents getting triggered.

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