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Who Are the Best Teams to Not Win the Stanley Cup?

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Stealing this one from a question asked to Don LaGreca on the Game Misconduct podcast earlier today.


LaGreca mentioned the 2006 Sabres (referring to the 05-06 team, I think). The 2006-07 version were total killers, though. I still have no idea how they lost to the Senators.


I'd also submit the 2008-08 Sharks and the 2010-11 Vancouver Canucks. Seriously. Go back and look at those rosters. Especially the Canucks.


Also, inb4 2013-14 New York Rangers. We know. :(

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1991-92 NY Rangers :)




Beat me to it. That regular season was some of the best hockey I've ever seen as a Ranger fan. That was a culmination of homegrown talent, the foundation built by Craig Patrick. Couple of flukey playoff circumstances deprived us of what could have been. Thankfully 94 happened, but it took that to get over 91.

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