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Leafs, Zaitsev Working Toward Long-Term Extension

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If Skjei has equally as good a year next season, I'd be fine mirroring this deal. Sign him from 23-30 at $4.5M. It'll be incredible value at the peak of his career.


It'd be like having two Ryan McDonaghs.


Talking about Skjei? Do it.


I was yeah. I forget he's considerably younger than G or Staal and would be getting a contract...at 24, not 29 or 30. hahaha.

Jesus christ, yes, lock him up for 7 years.


Shit, give him 8! Or can that only be done to UFAs, not RFAs?

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Basically Skjei's next contract...


100%. They've got a year to work with (though he could technically sign July 1st). The problem with waiting is—and let's be real, this is entirely plausible—what if he puts up 50+ points next season? I'd argue he's looking at closer to $5M per season at that rate. It's why I'm a big fan of investing early.

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Iirc you can only sign your own player to 8 years. I am unsure if it matters if they are restricted or not.


It's not relevant, no. But with Skjei, who will likely be 24 by the time they talk long-term extension, anything greater than three years buys UFA years, which is why the price goes up.

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