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Introducing Cleared for Contact, a NYR Blog from BSBH


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A few of us here have started a new Rangers' blog and resource site where we'll be offering articles on issues facing the team along with an assortment of Rangers stats, salary and injury information. Pop on over, tell your friends, agree or disagree with us over there and of course, discuss the topics we bring up there here on the forum if you like.



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A few questions


1. If you don't mind me asking, who is "a few of us"?


2. How comprehensive is the resource list of stats etc.?


3. This site would be a source of longer-form articles than what is posted on the forum?


4. Is there a membership option similar to this forum?


I might think of more later, but sounds like a great idea!

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In order:


1. AmericanJesus (Dave), JOHN (John), Morphinity (Ray), and myself are signed up right now, though only Dave, John, and myself have published so far. This is really Dave's project, though. It's been his idea to open one for years.


2. All the data is being scraped from reputable sites so it's all accurate. It's being compiled into one site for ease.


3. Sort of, yes. All the writing is going to be OpEd, so don't expect simple breaking news types of posts. Instead, you'll see long-form takes on a signing or trade, etc. Articles can and will also be shared here when they can spark conversation/disagreement. The same as we currently share opinion pieces from other writers like Brooks or Hartnett.


4. When you say membership, are you asking if it's possible for non-Staff members to write? Yes, it is, but it'll be done on an invite basis. Basically if we feel like a user could really add value we'll reach out to that user to gauge interest.



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Upon first glance I like the layout/tabs/info, etc.


If there is a core group of guys contributing, you should have a little "bio" on each of you guys contributing. Not saying personal stuff, but I had no idea who "Dave" was til I saw this thread. :)


Nice job.

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