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'Lucifer' on FOX


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I think people are fascinated by the idea of evil. I think what makes Lucifer stand out is it’s taken the idea of the Devil and turned it [on] its head. It doesn’t play it seriously. He’s not trying to hide it, he’s just telling people, “I’m the Devil.” Very matter-of-fact: “Believe me, or don’t.” I think that’s a first for the genre.


There have been a lot of shows out there like Constantine that have dealt more with the mythology and the fire and brimstone, demons and monsters. We’re trying to examine Lucifer as a human, but the biggest, baddest human of all time, trying to figure out if he’s got some good in him.


If there were a theme to the whole show, it would be “truth.” He’s about embracing your dark side. We hide it, we’re embarassed by it, but he’s about what you desire. Let’s not pretend. It’s worse to lie. So he never lies. It’s wish fulfilling, in that he says things that we all want to say. That’s probably the most appealing thing to me about him, besides the fact that he’s hot.






Might be the most interesting show FOX has conjured up in years. I thought The Following might have been that, but I gave up on that fairly early.

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Like any good FOX show it'll probably get cancelled after 1 season. Still, interesting concept, hope it has a nice mix of humor and action.


I also think giving the devil a British accent might be taking that one Jaguar commercial a little too seriously.

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I was equally peeved by the accent thing, but I liken it to the Hollywood trope of giving English accents to "villains" to give them a more dastardly/intelligent appeal. Specifically the non-guttural variation — "Queen's English". Basically, think of most Bond villains to see why they went that route.


I agree it's a little tired, and kind of a short cut, but he had to have some kind of accent, so if I had to pick one I think I'd most associate with the type of character they want this guy to be — philanthropist, playboy, go-with-your-desires-type — that high-born English accent would be the one I'd pick.

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