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BSBH NHL Playoff Bracket Challenge

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Mods, if you can sticky that'd be appreciated.


Rep bet, same as last year.


Due to the nhls site sucking on tablets, there are multiple leagues with BSBH in the title (I accidentally made 4, kept saying they were taken when it was creating them for me)


So, use this league.


BSBH 2015


Password is ricknash61


No caps for the PW


Enter your picks on the 12th

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Actually your bracket is pretty good and something I'd imagine it looking like if the Rangers are knocked out before before the ECF.

I'd have Tampa in the Finals in the East.


I tried to fill it out as a non-Rangers fan. That's how I could see it playing out. As an outward observer, I don't think the Rangers have "it".

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So was it a ballsy or stupid move to have the Flames in the WCF? lol

I think they're gonna surprise some people.


It's ballsy, but I wouldn't bet the farm on it. They match up well with Vancouver, so I could see them getting to the 2nd round. I don't see them beating the Ducks.

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