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HBO's 'Togetherness'


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Dave and I were just talking about it in MT's "What Should I Watch?" thread, but this show has totally captivated me. I look forward to Sunday's not just for the flagship programs everyone else is watching then (TWD, Donovan, et. al), but also because I know it brings another thirty minutes of a show that is doing such a wonderful job conveying every day life in a way that makes you actually care.


I'm so invested in the characters of this show, specifically because of how real it all feels. Dave made the point you probably have to be in a committed relationship to really appreciate or "get" a lot of the focus, and I think there's definitely something to that, but I don't know if that means single folks couldn't still watch and enjoy as well.


This show is like a really good drama cut up into thirty-minute episodic pieces fed to you once a week.

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Dave, you watching the new season?


Yup. My wife and I consider it our cringe half hour of the week. After every episode we ask, "why are we still watching this" and every week it's one of the few things we watch same day as it comes on. One of the most compelling and uncomfortable shows I've ever watched. Can't really think of anything that compares. In Treatment at times, I guess.

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