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Trailer Park Boys

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We used to. When it first came out there was probably nothing even close to being as good as it was. From age 21-24 our stoner lifestyle revolved around it.



They became a victim of their own success, over exposed to point of nausea here in Canada. The malapropisms Ricky spits out are some of the best comedy I've ever seen and Cyrus is a fantastic character too. Actually, Leahy is probably the best when I think about it.


They have a movie coming out or something don't they?

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I'm not sure about a new movie, I know there's a few older ones. I just started watching the series on Netflix, it's amazing how quotable the show is.


"yea the time in prison is good to stop smoking, and it will be good when I get out because I'll probably get even more fucked up off dope"

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