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On 9/6/2021 at 6:58 AM, Vodka Drunkenski said:

The only bad thing of the entire show was Paul Wight.  

The funniest thing was that that was everyone's pee break in the arena. 

I'm still ecstatic about seeing the fucking Lion Tamer in real life. Fuck yeah! I was a wrestling fan on Sunday night. 


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Now we're nearing Braun Strowman's non-compete ending, and according to a new report from the Wrestling Observer, Strowman (now Adam Scherr) is in talks with Impact Wrestling.

The report says that the former WWE star "is in talks but has not signed but they [Impact] are in talks with him." As noted, he has evidently not signed yet, but if he does, he will likely debut at Bound for Glory next month in Las Vegas.

While this is the first report of being in talks with Impact we've heard, it isn't the first tease. Scherr got people talking last month when he posted a tweet with the hashtag Titan, and then another tweet that said to do something that would make an impact. He then used EC3's control your narrative line in another tweet, but the real tease was in a video featuring Impact's Scott D'Amore.

D'Amore said that "we're on the road to Braun For Glory", and then said, "that's an easter egg folks". That was a pretty big tip of the hat right there, and another rumor suggests Murphy is headed there as well, so it could be quite an event just on appearances and debuts alone.


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If Bray Wyatt is coming to AEW, we may finally have a date for his arrival.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer reported AEW's Sept. 29 date in Rochester, New York, would be the plan if Wyatt ultimately signs with the company.

That date is noteworthy because Rochester is the hometown of the late Brodie Lee, who died at age 41 in December. Lee and Wyatt were close friends after spending years in WWE as part of the Wyatt Family stable.

It's also noteworthy because AEW is coming to Rochester about a month before Wyatt's 90-day non-compete clause with WWE is up. Typically, WWE requires released wrestlers to observe a 90-day waiting period between their departure and showing up for another company. (They are paid their salary during this period.)


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Man, the new NXT logo and color scheme is putrid. McMahon and Pritchard are all ready to go ahead and destroy the only good thing about WWE right now. The new logo is just short of looking like Dude Love's outfit and the color scheme of the new arena lighting looks like Rainbow Brite threw up a wrestling event. It is not aesthetically pleasing at all. RIP NXT/gold brand.

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Yeah, awesome show. As Vodka said, that opening match was fantastic. Cole is really a special acquistion for AEW. They have some young stars already, along with the WWE/TNA veterans, but he's a guy who can really be a face of your company for a long time. He was great in NXT and it was a great brand, but he really needs to be a headline figure, not really someone who is just in developmental. Even Christian said it in that promo last night. ?

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21 minutes ago, br-avery said:

I'll switch almost permanently if they bring in Wyatt

WWE is a mess and letting so much talent go cause they have no idea how to utilize it.

You may not have to wait long. There's a ton of buzz that Wyatt could be coming in as soon as September 29th in Rochester because of the connection to Brodie Lee (who was from Rochester).

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