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iPod Alternatives?

The Dude

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So my 160 iPod classic seems to have died. Its two years old, and has been kinda shitty since I bought it.


I hate iTunes, and I really don't want to throw another $300 at another classic (one was stolen from my truck prior to purchase of this last one and that one was Aldo performing shitty).


I have a large music collection that I like to keep handy. Right now its only about 90 gigs worth but I'm sure that can and will grow.


What are my alternatives? GB is a biggie.

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Well, in terms of that size, the current classics go up to 160gb @ $249. That's about it from a true mp3 player standpoint. However, you can get an android phone with expandable memory (like a galaxy s4 with 64gb onboard memory) and throw a 64gb card in there for 30 bucks and kill two birds with one stone.


You read my mind with the galaxy s4 and the microsd card. Was unaware they made them in 64 GB. I due for an upgrade with Verizon too. Looks like that's my best option.

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