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Gareth Edwards' Godzilla Hits Theaters May 16, 2014


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I think most movies like this would look better than their 1998 counterpart LOL.


Most movies that weren't heavily reliant upon acting/story writing tend to have been just garbage during the mid-late 90's. Studios weren't sure what to do with different technologies that weren't even that well developed to begin with.

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I don't think it will scare him. We were in best buy ad the had the new one plus the originals. When I told him no on the new one, he asked for the old one. My wife thinks it will scare him, but that's only because it will probably scare her, lol. I think she is more worried about something it might show though, or something they might say. She doesn't mind him watching a PG movie, depending on what it is. I want to show him Jurassic Park because he loves dinosaurs, I'm still fighting for that one.
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