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Most Obscure Team Names


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20 most obscure team nicknames in pro sports




1. New York Rangers


Aren?t rangers generally associated with the West?s wide-open spaces rather than the concrete canyons of New York? Yes, but what many don?t know is that the Rangers hockey team, which dates to 1926, was originally owned by Madison Square Garden. The Garden?s president back then was G.L. ?Tex? Rickard, which prompted sportswriters to call the team ?Tex?s Rangers.?

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I second that sentiment Jules!


How are the Rangers in NY #1, but Penguins in Pittsburgh not even make the list?


There are, also, far better names to be found abroad, like the Dutch professional soccer team whose name is an acronym of an acronym. They are called NAC Breda, with NAC meaning NOAD-ADVENDO Combinatie, which is an acronym of itself for Nooit Opgeven Altijd Doorzetten, Aangenaam Door Vermaak En Nuttig Door Ontspanning Combinatie Breda. The name means as much as Never Give Up, Always Go On, Fun As Entertainment And Useful As Relaxation Combination Breda.


I think that one takes the crown. :D

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At least they have fun names...in Sweden every teams name is just the town they're from and then added an IF after or such that means IdrottsForening (sports club)....then of course these days they started adding English names such as "Redhawks" for the Malmo hockey team and so on....utterly stupid and pathetic and embarrassing....just copying American teams...at least they could make the names in Swedish lol.
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