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Soccer Talk Thread


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It's going to be a near impossible task to actually promote to the Eredivisie, but surviving the first round is within reach and chances are they'll play a rival from our province either way when they make it past that round. That's would be so fucking amazing if that happened.


For now, last night's win was the biggest game in over 10 years. They relegated back in 2002 and have not made a promotional playoff since. To finally be there after everything that has happened in that decade, is almost like a championship and two of our best players are probably leaving as free agents, but the amazing goaltender we've found and the three top scorers (about 25 goals and 20 assists between them) all have just signed extensions for next year.


I hope our biggest talents will stay, that the left-back we've developed gets kept aboard by a sponsor willing to pay up big cash to keep him, but if he doesn't, fuck him, we've survived all those journeymen and quitters and we are still here. Either you want to play for us, or you can get lost.


Anyway, proud day. Playoffs start in two weeks, one more regular season game left on Friday, which will determine who we play first and which bracket we'll be in.

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An estimated 3,000 fans turned out at Jeld-Wen Field today to watch the Portland Timbers take on the Green Machine, an eight-year-old's soccer club scheduled to take on the MLS side by the Make-A-Wish foundation. Yes, the cancer patient scored the winning goal.


Atticus Lane-Dupre took the pitch against his favorite club, with MLS stars Darlington Nagbe, Jack Jewsbury, Will Johnson, and Mikael Silvestre getting the start against the grade schoolers. It was a competitive match, with the final goal being scored by Atticus himself to provide a 10-9 result. (He'd earn expected Man Of The Match honors, as well.)




There's a better video in the article. This is just awesome. Good for young Atticus!

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Championship for Dutch First Division is determined today, including playoff ranking. Fortuna can get 6th, which means they play team that got 9th, which would be great. Also, the championship is down to two teams, of which one has a two point lead and likely need a tie to win it. Goal differential (first tie-breaker) is much better for team now in lead.


Fortuna Sittard is playing MVV Maastricht... which is weird game for me. I'm from Maastricht, my whole family is, but no one is a soccer fan, except for my dad, but he's from the town Fortuna was originally from (they merged and moved with a team 10 miles away). So I was always a Fortuna fan, despite spending a lot of my time in the rivals town. Always lived in a burb in between Sittard and Maastricht, which are only 10 miles away from each other.


In hockey analogy: it's as if Rangers and Islanders merged, I was from New Jersey, but cheered for that merger team years later. LOL.

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Where did AZ rank? How's Altidore doing?


AZ is middle of the pack in the Eredivisie (league above First Division) and Altidore is first American to score 30 in a European season. He's been incredible this year and AZ is anticipating he will be bought this summer.

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Fortuna Sittard fails to advance to second round of play-offs. A huge disappointment, as we miss out on back-to-back games against our top league archrival who we haven't played in 12 years. Oh well, still a great year.
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I can't wait for the US soccer fans to think they are actually good beating a German B-side. :o


I love this crap talk because if the US loses, it's typical, but they win and it's because they played Germany's B-side.


The US should have just laid down and lost the game to big, bad, Germany...

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