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Found 2 results

  1. Miserable day for opening day. Is it really necessary to introduce the entire Toronto Blue Jays including the massage therapist? Blue Jays unis are slick.
  2. I figure there's a Mets Thread, so why not a Yankees thread! Now that Rangers season is over, I look to my other long time favorite team to bring home the cheese this season! I go back quite a ways with the Yankees as well; As a matter of fact I still have my Bobby Murcer bat from Bat Day in 1971. The guy sitting next to me caught a foul ball in his beer from Horace Clark, and Ron Bloomberg hit a home run. They weren't so good back in those days, but I watched them on WPIX with Frank Messer, Bill White and the Scooter doing the games as a kid. Anyway, just wanna get a running thread for us Yankees followers....no disrespect to the Mets folk...I'll root for them when they're on and Yanks aren't, but I don't follow them as closely. I do have to start off with one thing though: HOLY SHIT!!! Garrit Cole is the Eight Wonder Of The World!!! Do anyone see that stat last night: He hasn't walked a batter since April 12th!!! That's a month without a free pass!! The guy is simply overpowering!! Judge is starting to hit, but a lot of them gotta get their shit together at the plate!
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