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  1. Hey, any way I can get an image resizer on the sig I have? I would use paint, but I'm afraid it looks awful on the edit
  2. True, but if you want a new system, those are good deals. Unless you want to get a refurbished one!
  3. Yeah, bundles with games I don't/won't play. HA!
  4. If anything, they might have good lightning deals on Amazon. They had a xbox360 250GB for like $250 with a $50 gift card to amazon and that whole bundle (same as Best Buy technically).

    Might have it on cyber monday.
  5. Yeah, I'll just give it a shot on Monday again, or wait a few weeks. Oh well.
  6. Yep, I tried calling them to see if they can do a store pick up instead of shipping. They said no. They won't even let me change my shipping to expedited or express.
  7. Yup. Just tried BestBuy. All sold out. Can't even order online for store pickup.
  8. Hey, let me know what deals you find on the Xbox. Are you looking to really buy one? I bought the Best Buy one for $200 with Forza/Skyrim and a controller/1 month gold subscription.
  9. That Silky Johnson pic is just too funny, gotta love Dave
  10. Awesome, will do, I joined the facebook group, I sent a request. And I wil get to twitter when I get a chance!
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