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  1. No, like 5 year old blackberry that can't do that. But I'm getting the new iphone as soon as it comes out, so that problem will soon be solved.
  2. Smart phone? Get Forum Runner.
  3. LOL, new job at a restaurant that keeps me there til 3 or 4 am some nights plus semester started. Literally almost never home now. I'll try though.
  4. I'm gonna write up a script that posts to your profile once a week saying POST MORE!
  5. Can't help it, love this time of year. This and July 1st are my favorite times. Most rational time to discuss the team, during the season people are having too many crazy mood swings. LOL
  6. TwoMinutesForOnlyShowingUpAtDraftTime!
  7. Well, I can't trash Kreider (even in jest) because I'm excited as holy hell for him, but I'll be sure to start taking some more digs at AA if it means getting you back full-time!
  8. Yeah, trash Anisimov or Kreider and I'll come defend them Lol.
  9. That's a terrible excuse. You mean to tell me there isn't a single young prospect you are gushing over right now?
  10. Teams too good. Not much to talk about.
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