Lots of us own or are looking to own homes, and with owning a home comes fixing shit. Figured I would start a thread on projects and issues with things in your homes.

When I moved into my house we changed the toilet, we had to change all the cast iron pipes to PVC piping so we figured might as well change the toilet while we were at it. We bought a Kohler toilet from Home Depot, and once again the stupid flush valve inside broke. It's this big plastic tube that is open on top with a plastic piece connected in the middle with the water hose attached. When it flushes, the plastic tube lifts, but the problem is that when it lifts, it's also pushing up on the hose which now broke the plastic piece in the center off. It's made so cheaply, and the worst part is that it is impossible to find the replacement piece. We have now gone through 2 of them, the first one broke last year and now last night it broke again. We went to like 5 plumbing stores because no one had it in stock. Home Depot, which sells Kohler toilets, doesn't sell replacement parts. So now, we might have to buy it from Kohler itself if he one store that is supposed to carry their parts near me doesn't have it. I may call in my plumber to see if he can replace the entire inside of the tank for me, but I don't know if it can be done because of how the set up is in the tank. I will never by a Kohler toilet again after dealing with this.