I know this is a touchy subject, but with what happened yesterday, I think this is a good time to talk about the death penalty. For those of you that dont know, yesterday on the Nassau/Queens border, a savage hit another vehicle in front of a marked police car and took off. The cops chased him down the Cross Island Parkway, the animal was driving on his rims. He got off the parkway and stopped his car. As the cop approached him, the animal got out of the car, and shot the cop in the chest killing him, unfortunately the cop wasnt wearing his vest for some reason. This animal then took off back onto the Cross Island and forced an innocent driver off the road. He pulled the poor guy out of his car and shot him once in the head and took off in his car, then abandoned the car a couple of blocks away. They found this piece of garbage last night in a car with self inflicted gun shot wounds to his shoulder and thigh, the coward can shoot others in the head, but not himself. He is now under arrest for the murder's of two innocent people. He has a pretty extensive rap sheet, and served 5 years for attempted murder from 2004-2008, then was paroled, was arrested for violating his parole, and then served a year for dealing drugs.

The question has come up about whether this piece of garbage should be face the death penalty or not. I feel that if there is not doubt about it that someone commits a horrific crime, the person should get the death penalty. Crimes of murder, rape and crimes against kids should be death penalty cases in my opinion. Its obvious that just doing jail time isnt enough since it seems like these guys just come out and repeat their crimes. Gun laws arent enough since its not the legal gun owners that are committing these crimes, and something needs to stop people from committing these crimes. Across the nation this year, crimes involving guns and murders have sky rocketed. Its time to stop these, and the only way to curb them is to increase the punishments. What is everyone else's take on the death penalty?