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    well they were still paying off the stadium which is now in the clear.

    Kroenke owns the Rams, Avs, Nuggets and Colorado Rapids. He owns teams to make money but isn't going to provide the resources it takes to actually win.

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    So you might have heard about it or not, couple of weeks ago someone planted a bomb to attack the bus carrying the team of Borussia Dortmund to their Champions League match against Monaco.

    Luckily the bomb went of a bit too late and "only" injured on of the players. (Had to be operated on the wrist)
    Of coure the usual suspects (Islamists) were suspected and rounded up, but aside from one being arrested for being in ISIS in general, no one could be connected to the attack itself.

    Multiple letters were found claiming it to be an islamist attack, but they were considered so atypical that Police suspected a diversion tactic, even more so after another letter was planted online, claiming it to have been done by the radical left.

    Today we finally have an arrest and it turns out to be a guy with german and russian citizenship, who tried to "kill as many players as possible", because he made a bet against the price of Borussia-shares at the stock exchange. (only club in Germany of which shares can be traded)

    Stuff is getting weirder all the time.

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